20 February 2011


Little dib-dabs of almost-finished sauces and condiments drive me crazy.

I hate to be wasteful and just throw these remnants out, but usually what's left in the jar is too little to really use in creating a regular meal.

Faced with the challenge of what to make for Sunday breakfast, I set out to use up all that I could of what we already had in the refrigerator. Though I'd bought a loaf of Italian bread a few days ago in anticipation of making paninis on the weekend, I really had no idea how it would all come together until I raided the fridge in search of things to use.

jalapeno cheese rustica bread (from Safeway)
Mixed grilled vegetable bruschetta (from Trader Joe's)
BBQ hot & spicy thin sliced chicken breast (from Safeway)
slice of swiss-stlye havarti cheese
sliced roma tomatoes
red leaf lettuce
Italian herb cheese spread (from Hickory Farms)
sun-dried tomato pesto (Classico brand)
pickled pepperoncini

Butter outside of all bread slices. Assemble bottom sandwich ingredients in order listed above (bruschetta, chicken, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce). Spread inner top slice of bread with cheese spread and pesto. Put sandwich on panini press and cook till bread becomes toasty. Serve with remaining tomato slices and pickled pepperoncini.

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