17 March 2013

lobster ravioli with scallops

I'm getting ready for a run to the border. Almost out of Trader Joe's rations. Vancouver has almost become civilized: We've had H&M and Zara for a few years, and thankfully we got a CB2 about a year ago. Crate & Barrel is set to open here next week. We're even getting Target in a few months!

But my dear Trader Joe's eludes us. I seriously doubt they'll ever come to Canada. How can they offer such quality product at such low prices here? Taxes and tariffs and government bureaucracy surely will keep them out.

Of my remaining TJ's stash, I found a package of lobster ravioli in the freezer. The delicate, sweet taste of lobster in the ravioli works well with the richness of cream and tang of goat cheese in this sauce.

9 oz lobster ravioli (= 1 package Trader Joe's brand)
340 g bay scallops
Shallots (minced)
Scallions (chopped)
White wine
Heavy cream
Crumbled goat cheese
Red caviar
Herbs de provence
Fresh dill (chopped)

Sauté scallops in butter; season with herbs de provence. Remove scallops and their liquor.

Sweat the minced shallots in butter, add chopped green onions and sweat for a few more minutes. Then add wine and allow to reduce for about 10 minutes. Last, add some heavy cream and mix to emulsify. Add goat cheese, then add scallops.

Meanwhile, cook ravioli. When they float to surface of water, remove and add to the sauce. Serve with chopped dill and red caviar.

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